Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip

    AK4490 DAC | High-performance DSP

    3 operating modes | Bluetooth 5.0

    Transmit and receive LDAC | 30m range

    RGB indicator | APP remote control

    High Fidelity

    Bluetooth Transceiver



    Dual Hi-Res Certifications

    Not only does the BTA30 have Hi-Res Audio certification by the Japan Audio Society, it also has achieved Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification for guaranteed excellent performance.

    Bringing you essential joy

    iLife mustn’t be all work and no play. It is essential to recharge and rejuvenate with music and entertainment every so often. Whether it’s an old speaker gathering dust in the living room or that game console neglected in the corner, there are brand new ways to connect to these to give you much-needed private and exciting experiences.


    Bluetooth chip


    Bluetooth version


    DSP chip


    DAC chip


    Audio op-amp


    Bluetooth receive formats  

    SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX HD/LDAC

    Bluetooth transmit format  

    SBC/aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD/LDAC

    Optical decoding support


    Coaxial decoding support

    192k/24bit; DSD64 (dop)

    USB AUDIO out support

    44.1/48k 16bit

    Transmission distance

    Approx. 30m (no obstacles, SBC codec)

    Status indicator

    SBC: Blue; AAC: Teal; aptX HD: Yellow

    aptX: Purple, aptX LL: Green; LDAC: White

    Hands-free calls, microphone

    Not supported

    Analog output

    RCA (Max 3Vrms)

    Digital output

    Optical + Coaxial

    Digital input

    Optical + Coaxial

    RCA out THD+N

    0.002% (SPDIF 48k/24b input, 1kHz -3dB)

    RCA output SNR


    Digital out sampling rate

    Can be upsampled to 192k/24b

    USB interface

    Type C






    Convenient intelligent interaction

    Your smartphone, when connected to the BTA30, can remotely control it via the FiiO Music or FiiO Control APP to make your life easier.


    1. Channel balance

    2. 4 types of audio filters

    3. Bluetooth format priority

    4. Switch on/off LED indicator

    5. Volume adjustment

    6. Set fixed output volume

    1. Bluetooth receiver-RX

    Revive your old music setup at home with just one move! In Bluetooth receiver mode, connect your phone/music player to the BTA30 via Bluetooth, and the BTA30 to your non-Bluetooth music system – allowing your old setup to play wireless music. *Supports LDAC/aptX/aptX HD/AAC high-definition Bluetooth formats

    2. Bluetooth transmitter-TX


    Get cinema-grade sound anywhere in the home. Connect the digital output of the TV/CD player/ computer to the BTA30, which can then transmit to your Bluetooth headphones for a truly cinematic listening experience.


    *LDAC/aptX HD/aptX LL/SBC formats supported; LDAC is supported only through optical/coaxial input, not through USB

    3. Digital decoding-DAC

    If not using Bluetooth, there is also excellent audio output! The BTA30 can be used as a DAC to convert digital audio to high-quality analog signal.


    *Coaxial input supports up to 24 bit/192kHz and native DSD64; optical input supports up to 24 bit/96kHz; USB input supports up to 16 bit/48kHz.

    *The coaxial and optical output only works when there is USB input.

    Quick Start Guide、Warranty Card、Type C cable、RCA cable、Isolation Feet

    Accessories Included

    High-definition Bluetooth formats cover a wider range and have faster transmission rates for a more exhilarating experience!

    High-definition Bluetooth for higher heights of joy

    Innovative volume control for fast, accurate adjustment

    The BTA30 is among the first Bluetooth desktop devices to incorporate pro-level audio volume adjustment methods.

    Innovation 1: No imbalance, precise control through ADC curve reconstruction

    Innovation 2: Can quickly adjust both analog and digital output volume

    Innovation 3: Can be remotely controlled through FiiO Music APP

    Innovation 4: Fixed output volume setting is available through FiiO Music APP



    *When transmitting out from USB DAC input, the volume cannot be adjusted.

    The strong aluminum alloy body gives the BTA30 a luxurious shininess along with a silky-smooth texture. The neat and uniform button arrangement makes it easy to use, and coordinates well with other audio equipment. 

    Passionately smooth and suave

    The BTA30 with its 3 operating modes is also the first such desktop decoding system to support bidirectional LDAC/aptX HD Bluetooth. It can greatly improve the sound of audio equipment such as your TVs, speakers, and computers to spice up your life.

    A truly versatile device

    Easy to use, easy to enjoy


    Rejuvenate vintage speakers

    What happens if an older amplifier/speaker doesn't have Bluetooth for wireless, hassle-free music? Simply connect the RCA output of the BTA30 to the RCA inputs of the amplifier/speaker – now you can play your music over Bluetooth through your older amplifier/speaker, giving it new life!

    Decoder for your Bluetooth jukebox

    Want to directly connect your DAC/audio decoders to any smartphone? Simply connect the optical/coaxial out of the BTA30 to the digital input of your external DAC to allow it to decode directly from your phone.

    Computer audio assistant

    Get great sound from your computer too! With the USB DAC functionality, transmit high quality sound from your computer to speakers or Bluetooth headset through the BTA30.

    Full theater immersion

    Connecting the BTA30 to your TV’s SPDIF/optical out allows you to send low-latency sound to your Bluetooth headset, allowing you to be fully immersed in your own private theater.

    Exciting gaming

     (game console-TV-headset)

    You need to fully enjoy any gaming session you get! By connecting your game console via optical out to the BTA30, you can directly send wireless sound to your Bluetooth headset via the BTA30 for more enjoyable gaming.

    Want to share with someone else? No problem! Under Bluetooth receiving mode, the BTA30 can connect to and remember two devices at once, allowing your access to your favorite music in both. Under Bluetooth transmitting mode, the BTA30 can send signals to two Bluetooth headsets at once.

    Turn on dual device mode

    · Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip

    The BTA30 utilizes the efficient Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip for enhanced audio applications – supporting 24-bit audio processing and equipped with a 120MHz DSP, it effectively integrates various Bluetooth decoding functions into one package.

    A+ specs with

    competitive performance

    · Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip

    The BTA30 utilizes the efficient Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip for enhanced audio applications – supporting 24-bit audio processing and equipped with a 120MHz DSP, it effectively integrates various Bluetooth decoding functions into one package.

    A+ specs with

    competitive performance

    · High-performance AK4490 DAC


    Responsible for digital-to-analog conversion is the AK4490, allowing up to 384kHz and DSD native decoding. Its implementation here lets you easily hear every small detail in your music, and provides higher SNR and dynamic range than with the Bluetooth build-in DAC and with better DAC than similar transceivers. Film capacitors work with the AK4490 for clearer and more transparent treble.


    With the BTA30, you can easily create a comprehensive home Bluetooth system. The BTA30 utilizes an external gain antenna for Bluetooth connections resulting in faster connection speeds, more stable signals, and for longer distance transmission across rooms – up to 30 meters under normal conditions.

    Good sound everywhere

    All connections in one