Optimized HiFi audio architecture

     Independent flagship DAC

    32Bit/768kHz DSD512 robust capacity

    3.5+4.4 dual headphone outputs



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    Comes equipped with 2 headphone outputs, both powerful to easily drive a variety of headphones.

    Potently robust

    Dual headphone outputs

    Creating a better headphone jack in their absence

    most current mobile phone designs have eliminated the traditional headphone jack,

    this is the case, then we will create a headset port with better sound quality.

    Experience uncompromised audio quality with a carefully engineered multi-chip audio circuit.

    Optimized and enhanced HiFi audio architecture

    Within the KA3’s petite frame lies exceptional hardware.

    Tremendous performance in a slim package

    High-performance flagship DAC

    Equipped with the powerful and proven ESS ES9038Q2M,

    supporting 32bit/768kHz and DSD512.

    Featuring abundant power with high signal-to-noise ratio,

    low distortion, and almost 0 noise – this is true high-fidelity sound.


    Low noise floor 

    Clean sound for a great sound

    Have it all 

    Dual SE and balanced outputs

    Satisfy multiple use cases with both a 3.5mm single-ended and a 4.4mm balanced output.


    supports 3.5mm single-ended/4.4 balanced dual-output interface, one machine meets multiple requirements

    Balancing single-ended dual-output

    Wonderfully versatile 

    Anywhere, anytime

    Compatible with various OSes like Android/iOS/Windows/Mac

    Compatible with many devices like phones/tablets/computers/audio players

    Use in various scenarios like listening when commuting, in the home or office, or even gaming

    *Due to the large output power of the KA3 and limited external power supply of iPhones, stutter and muteness may happen to the maximum volume.


    Stunningly suave

    All-metal construction

    The all-metal body sports a handsomely rugged design with distinct edges and a luxurious gold and black finish.


    Practical and beautiful RGB touch

    Besides exuding elegance, the RGB light indicator usefully indicates the current sampling rate.


    48kHz and below sampling rate

    48kHz and above sampling rate



    Even more ways to interact

    Unleash the KA3’s potential with more interactivity in a control app including controls for 7 kinds of filters, high and low gain, and channel balance adjustment.

    *The KA3 can only be controlled by Android devices.


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