High performance dual ES9038Q2M DACs |  670mW output power

    5.0 inch/720P bezel-less display | Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 

    14 hours battery life | Android 10, SRC global bypass

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    Hi-Res Portable Music Player

    Wide variety of audio


    Not missing even one

    On the M11S not only are there the 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm outputs, but there is also even a new balanced line out to be sure you can connect to your music the way you want to.

    Thanks to meticulous and careful design refinement, the M11S has a low noise floor of 1.8μV, 62% lower than the previous generation. Close your eyes and experience the bliss of pure music, unfettered by noise in a pure black background.

    Free of noise

    Experience bliss


    Enormous performance improvement

    Dual DAC design

    The left and right audio channels each feature a high- performance, high-efficiency ES9038Q2M DAC to better reproduce every last detail in your music. These DACs allow for decoding support up to 384kHz/DSD256.

    The power to truly move you

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor

    In the M11S is a Snapdragon 660 with a 4 big / 4 small core architecture, same as in the flagship M17. This allows the M11S to provide a smartphone-like smooth experience for a truly immense performance improvement over the previous generation. Not only can the chip capably handle tasks like watching videos and playing games, it can also ensure ultra-low power consumption when only listening to music for better battery life.

    The pursuit of ultimate sound quality never stops! The M11S supports MQA 8x unfolding for master-level sound,   so you can better appreciate the music the way the artist intended.

    Supports MQA unfolding

    一One click to add to my favorites

    一Play next random track with one click

    一One click to play/pause music

    一Delete the current track with one click

    一One-click filter switching

    一One-click EQ switching

    一One click to enter USB decoding mode

    一One click to enter Bluetooth decoding mode


    It understands music, but understands you better

    FiiO-exclusive multi-function key

    A large battery with lots of power reserves gives you a peace of mind when using the M11S. And with support for QC 4.0 and PD fast charging, it only takes 3hours to fully recharge.

    Large 5300mAh battery

    Strong 14 hour battery life

    The amplifier and op-amp sections of the M11S are independently powered and isolated from each other, ensuring clean and abundant power while resulting in better dynamics. Handle any kind of use cases easily.

    Audiophile-grade power supply

    Five operating modes

    For more convenience and less worrying

    Android mode: Enjoy many third-party apps, play the way you want;

    Pure Music mode: Be free from the interference of other apps for full musical immersion;

    Bluetooth receiving mode: Easily receive music from other devices like smartphones;

    USB DAC mode: Connect to your computer, transform any computer into a high-fidelity source;

    AirPlay mode: Bypass iPhone Bluetooth AAC limitation.


    Main processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660

    DAC: ES9038Q2M×2

    System: Android 10

    Display Screen: 5.0-inch (720*1280) bezel-less

    Dimensions and weight: 125.2×74×18.5mm, about 271g

    Ouput Power: PO≥200mW (32Ω/THD+N<1%)  BAL≥670mW (32Ω/THD+N<1)

    SNR: PO≥123dB (A-weighted, 20k low pass)  BAL≥123dB (A-weighted, 20k low pass)

    THD+N: PO≤0.00066% (1kHz/32Ω)  BAL≤0.00043% (1kHz/32Ω)

    Channel Crosstalk: PO≥79dB (1kHz/32Ω)  BAL≥112dB (1kHz/32Ω)

    Noise Floor: PO≤1.8μV (A-weighted, 20k low pass) BAL≤3.1μV (A-weighted, 20k low pass)

    Output Impedance: PO≤1.5Ω (32Ω)    BAL≤2.6Ω (32Ω) B

    attery: 5300mAh, 3.8V

    Battery life: About 14h (single-ended)

    Charging time: About 3h (QC fast charging)

    Memory/storage: 3GB/32GB

    Micro SD card support: Single slot, supports 2TB

    Third-party apps: Supports Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, etc.

    Audio data is passed through a FiiO-developed 4th-gen FPGA with phase-locked loop technology, which works together with two custom femtosecond crystal oscillators to provide a high-precision and low jitter unified clock source for the entire audio architecture. This is all done in the pursuit of purer sound.

    4th gen FPGA technology

    DAPS Digital Audio

    Purification System

    High energy ahead!

    670mW high power output

    Under a 32 ohm load, single ended power output is 200mW while balanced power output is at a healthy 670mW–allowing the M11S to better take your breath away when listening to music.

    With an atmospheric and bold hexagonal structure, the M11S makes a striking impression wherever it goes. The multi-touch 5.0-inch 720p display is perfectly sized for comfort during prolonged usage sessions.

    Excitement continues

    FiiO 6th gen honeycomb design

    Access your music in a variety of ways! You can either receive or transmit Bluetooth audio in various formats (with LHDC transmission support for the first time), or you can use DLNA/AirPlay for even more choice. Bluetooth transmission: LDAC/LHDC/aptX HD/aptX/AAC/SBC Bluetooth reception: SBC/AAC/LDAC

    Lower latency

    Faster experience

    Featuring Android 10 with a global SRC bypass, you can install music streaming apps such as Apple Music and listen in full lossless quality whenever you want!

    Android 10 OS

    No SRC globally

    Abundant accessories

    M11SX1, Tempered glass screen protector (pre-installed at the factory) X1, Clear caseX1, USB cableX1, Warranty cardX1, Quick start guideX1, Prompt cardX1